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Alice in the Wonderland 2: the revenge

In Costume&Società - Customs&Society, Recensioni e Cinema on marzo 12, 2010 at 6:18 pm

I saw Alice in Wonderland. First think to know: don’t expect the remake of the original movie or cartoon. It is not about that. It is Alice in the Wonderland ‘the revenge’! The plot is easier than the original one, colored with simple basic ideas which make the movie appealing to the broad public, both nerds of the cinema and not-intellectual youngsters, claiming for action and special effects.

3D round two I would say. After the pasta cooker Avatar (see article on this blog) we go to the phsicadelic Wonderland. It seems almost that the 3d is only used to make movies taking place in wonderlands, strange planets with strange creature fighting. Well, if we are going to use 3d in other movies, than this means that they need to find new ideas. I liked the movie, still only the first hour, with a great disappointment at the end. War, dragons and fights in a medieval style are not really what I imagined could happen in Alice’s wonderland. But still some of the characters are product of a genius, and Tim Burton is able to reproduce them quite well. With much more imagination and style than the creature found in Avatar (probably inspired by an Italian cartoon of the 90s). The hat-maker (Johnny Depp), the red queen and the crazy rabbit throwing mugs around are really good I believe. But stil the white queen, the dragon are out of context I think.

Well, vote 7.5 I would say. the special effects helped a lot, but I am still one of those who think that the original story is the best one!

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